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  • Box size: 11*3.1*3.5 in (28*8*8.8cm),silicone mold size: 10.2*2.8*3 in (26*7*7.7cm).
  • Great kit for beginners: plastic straight scraper: 5.3*3.7 inches, stainless steel cutter: 7.4*4.6 inches, 100 plastic bags: 4*6 inches, for beginners to cut soap into different shapes, to package and store.
  • Materials: High quality silicone, heat resistant temperature is -40 degrees Celsius to +230 degrees Celsius, easy to clean.
  • Easy to Use: It can be used to make soap, cake, bread, cut into different shapes with cutter and straight scraper, and packaged and stored with plastic bags.
  • Color selection: silicone molds with 2 colors, pink and purple, can be used at the same time for easy differentiation.

Package Dimensions: 84x302x1134

Details: Silicone mold specifications: 24.6*5.5*7CM
Outer diameter specifications: length – 27cm, width – 7.8cm, height – 8.2CM. Each can make one 900g soap.
The heat-resistant temperature is -40 ° C to +230 ° C, can be used for microwave heating, oven baking, non-direct contact flame cooking, and refrigeration and freezing. It can be reused, with soft texture, variety of styles, easy to release, easy to clean, cut the soap or cake into different shapes with scraper and cutter and use heat shrink bags to save and wrap.
Can be used to make cakes, soaps, puddings, chocolates, and for a wide range of uses.
Package includes: 1 purple silicone mold, 1 pink silicone mold, 2 pine wooden boxes, 1 white plastic straight scraper, 1 stainless steel wave cutter, 100 PVC heat shrink bags.

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