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  • 1) Nail Practice Hands Size:17*10 cm,Holder Stand Size:23cm,detailed size is shown in the picture; Package Including: 1 Right Practice Hands + 1 x Holder Stand as a gift.
  • 2) Material: the nail training hand is made of high quality liquid silicone, which is durable and enviromantal, no bad smell and non-toxic, safe for your use. It can be re-use for acrylic, gel. Our hand model can be soaked in the acetone, and they can also be used in the nail lamp. It can be used repeatedly after easy wash it in water, which is very suitable for manicure practice.
  • 3) It is the simulation of human hand from the size, texture, skin tone or feeling. You can see the lines and joints clearly on the hand. Put it on any table and make you feel like you are working with a real client, good for practicing. The finger has built-in bones that can be bent at various angles as needed, it is soft and touches like jelly.
  • 4) You can insert the nail tips into the fingers,then design and paint nail art patterns on nail tips.Suitable for beginners or skilled workers,personal use and salon use, good assistants for you to practice nail painting technology and apply to nail art painting display,even industry leaders are using it for training.It’s also can be used for tattoo practice/ring/jewelry/glove/sketch/watch display.
  • 5) The nail tip can be inserted into the staple bed approximately 10 mm, please match the 40 mm of false fingernails. If you want your nails, you will not sway when you fade, you need to use acrylic glue, paste your fake nails to fingernail bed. Elasions other than acrylic glue do not apply to silica gel exercises. (The patch does not include nail tip and acrylic adhesive. If the exercise is polluted during use, it can be washed with clean water, or gently wipe with a wet paper towel.)

Package Dimensions: 73x277x472


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