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Brand: wisedry


  • &#9989 – Silica gel desiccant 5 LBS contains bonus of 10 PCS organza drawstring bags,which can be used for repacking and convenient to be placed at anywhere requiring moisture removal.
  • &#9989 – Silica Gel Beads Reusable ,can be rejuvenated by microwave or oven,then put into reuse as new.
  • &#9989 – Silica Gel Desiccants with orange humidity indicator,easy to tell when they need to be dried out with the color change. Orange when dry,become dark green when saturated.
  • &#9989 – Premium silica gel crystals with high moisture absorption up to 35% as its own weight.
  • &#9989 – 100% satisfaction guaranteed by brand wisedry. If you’re not happy with us,our service is not finished.

Package Dimensions: 114x269x2450

Details: The bulk silica gel desiccants can be repacked by the organza drawstring bags,each bag is able to pack silica gel crystals up to 200 gram ( 7 oz ) , you can used the desiccant packets for 3D printing filaments,ammo,safes,drawers,wardrobes,RVs,Boats,basements,to keep them stay dry. Both of the silica gel and the plastic jug are food grade,safe to be used with foods and medicines. wisedry only use orange silica gel as humidity indicator.Cocl2 free,Non-toxic.As an experienced brand of moisture & odor removal solution provider,we suggest DO NOT use blue silica gels. Specs: Premium Silica Gel Crystals 5 LBS ( 90% Clear + 10% Orange ) Beads Size: 2-4 mm Packing: 5 LBS / Jug Bonus: 10pcs organza drawstring bags How to recharge: The silica gel desiccant can be recharged for reuse after absorbed in full,1-2.5 hours by oven or 10 -20 minutes by microwave. For how to use and recharge the silica gel desiccants properly,please read the user instruction (on packaging) carefully or visit our website for more details.

UPC: 741722264171


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