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Brand: Winstonia

Color: American Freedom


  • DIY NAIL ART: Achieve amazing nail art at home without spending time and money at nail salon. No drawing or painting skill, just stamp and transfer! These nail art stamping plates are popular among amateur and expert due to its uniqueness and easiness for an impressive manicure.
  • EASY STAMP & TRANSFER: Using a Winstonia stamper tool (not include) to stamp and transfer the image on nail, let dry and seal with top coat. Picture instruction included.
  • STIR YOUR CREATIVITY: Get creative with your favorite nail design again and again with these reusable stamping plates! Pair with colors of your liking or create nail decal using advance stamping technique for a unique and personal nail art.
  • COST FRIENDLY: Comparing to an easy $30++ at nail salon, these nail art stamping plates are so much more affordable and time effective. The best thing is, these metal stamping plates are reusable!

Package Dimensions: 3x84x18

Details: Achieve salon result nail art at home without breaking your bank! These Winstonia Nail Art Stamping Plates are your go-to nail art supplies for a cute and impressive manicure – any time you like! Winstonia nail stamping image plates are designed for an impressive nail art. Remove the blue protective film, apply nail polish and scrape off instantly, use a stamper tool (not include) to stamp and transfer on nail. Your instant nail-art is done! No expensive salon visit, no skill needed. Instruction included. Ships Daily from USA by WinstoniaInstructions: 1. Remove protective blue film from plate 2. Apply base coat or nail polish on nails, let dry completely 3. Apply nail polish on selected image on plate (use a solid color nail polish as its opacity will reach most ideal result) 4. Immediately, scrap off the excess nail polish using Winstonia scraper at 45 degress angle (scraper not include) 5. Immediately, gently stamp over the design in a rolling or up-and-down motion using Winstonia stamper (stamper not include) 6. Immediately, transfer the design on the stamp on nail 7. Dip a Winstonia clean up brush (not include) in nail polish remover, carefully remove any excess nail polish on skin around cuticle 8. Let dry completely before seal with top coat. 9. Enjoy your beautiful creation! 10. IMPORTANT: Do not stamp in an open air area or with fan turning on, this will cause drier nail polish hence not being able to transfer.

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