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Brand: Winstonia


  • GEL NAIL BRUSH: This gel nail brush set is perfect for gel overlay, gel sculpting, gel base & top coat, color gel, builder gel, and poly gel application. Not ideal for acrylic application due to its shape and size.
  • CLEAN UP BRUSH: The brush set can also be used as clean up brush to remove color gel or regular nail polish residue around cuticle and skin around nail.
  • FLAT SHAPE: Ideal for twisting and circulating to offload gel on nails; for smooth application near cuticles; and for leaving a layer of beautifully shaped arch.
  • DURABLE: High quality nylon hair works with all kind of gel consistency and distributes gel evenly on nails. It withstands alcohol use which is an essential part in gel nail manicure.
  • FLEXIBILITY: The seven sizes option makes it a highly versatile brush set. Use larger sizes for gel enhancement, gel sculpting and such; the smaller sizes are good for color gel application, blending colors to create ombre effect and more.

Package Dimensions: 10x183x42

Details: This is a highly versatile gel nail brush set that comes in oval shape and seven (7) sizes. The nylon hair and wooden handles ensure a smooth and precise gel nail application.

Professional gel nail brush set
Seven sizes in oval shape
Durable nylon hair
Anti-shedding ferrules
Well-balanced wooden handles
Easy to clean, maintain, and reuses

We recommend ‘waking up’ the brushes prior to use. This will improve the flexibility of nylon bristle thus giving more control over distribution. 1. Pour alcohol solution in a small jar. 2. Dip bristle in the solution and gently swish back and forth. 3. Pat dry using a lint free paper towel or clean cloth. 4. Store upright to allow alcohol evaporates.


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