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Brand: sefudun


  • 🍎【6 Colors Lip Tint Set 】This lip gloss set has a total of 6 colors, which are rich in colors. You can choose the appropriate lip gloss color according to your clothes and occasion. The 6 colors can be used throughout the year.
  • 🍎【Super Pigmented】This 6 colors matte wine lip tint is liquid texture, light and silky, very easy to color, once applied, it dries quickly and maintains strong color rendering ability. Make you as delicious as the color you painted in the beginning on any occasion.
  • 🍎【Long-Lasting & Waterproof & Moisturizing】The wine lipstick can last for several hours, no matter you are out or eating, it will not stick to the cup, and you will not feel chapped lips. The lipstick is not only durable but also waterproof and moisturizing, avoiding the number of times that the lipstick needs to be refilled because the color fades and is not long-lasting when going out.
  • 🍎【Bottle Design】The 6 colors lip stain set has a very unique appearance design. It uses a wine or red wine bottle design. The unique high-end lipstick appearance design is very easy to attract attention and can quickly make friends.
  • 🍎【Creative Gift】Because of the unique appearance and packaging, 6 colors matte liquid lipstick is a very decent thing to give to women as a beautiful gift, and it can also be used as a collectible, which is very suitable for bottle lovers and makeup lovers.

Package Dimensions: 40x160x100

Details: 💧Features ✨1 set of bottle lip gloss has 6 colors, suitable for multiple places, and can be used with different clothes to show a more beautiful self. ✨The material of 6-color lip gloss is liquid texture, light and silky, easy to color, matte color. ✨It can last for several hours without fading, drink water in time without sticking to the cup, and it is waterproof. ✨Liquor liquid lip gloss can nourish the lips and has a moisturizing effect. After applying it, the lips will not be chapped. ✨The appearance design of the small and exquisite wine bottle shape can attract more friends’ attention, and you can make good friends while being praised. 💧Usage Apply to the middle point of the lips, and then brush the lips along the contour of the lips. Apply on thin lips to show sexy lips. 💧Tips ✨Before using lip gloss, apply lip balm or basic lip items, and then apply it on the lips. ✨Do not squeeze your lips after applying lip gloss, otherwise it will be very sticky. You can move freely after waiting for quick drying. ✨Due to the strong durability of lip gloss, it can be easily removed by using makeup remover wipes or ordinary soap and water. ✨If your lips are particularly dry, before using lipstick, you can use a hot damp towel to apply lightly on the lips for a few minutes to remove dead skin on the lips, and then use the lipstick. ✨Honey, olive oil or petroleum jelly can be applied to the lips for care and maintenance before going to bed at night, and the lips will become plump and moist the next day, and lipstick will have a better effect on makeup. 💧Packaging 1 set: 6 color wine bottle lip gloss


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