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Brand: wakaniya

Color: clear


  • large-capacity repair gel :wakaniya clear repair gel large-capacity 2oz this repair gel you can sculpt any shape you like according to your preferences also nail extender provides a powerful and flexible nail extension effect tip coverage and nail sculpting
  • gloss repair gel:the shiny and charming gloss repair gel perfectly blends with nails and self-leveling, has excellent consistency, is easy to apply and has a long-lasting polished luster, allowing you to easily shine ,the icing on the cake for your fashionable or chic makeup
  • easy to use long lasting:spread evenly the synergistic gel cures in three minutes under led or uv light and get a strong and high-gloss finish simple steps can create a beautiful nail look hard gel for nails it is difficult to crack or peel, and can last for 2-3 weeks,it is very easy for both beginners and professionals,if you are a nail carving lover then this is the repair gel for you
  • builder gel diy:our repair gel is made with a healthy, thick self-leveling formula with the strength of acrylic nails and low odor, no bubbles the softness and stability of the nails cover up the imperfections of the nails. with some nail powder, the rhinestones create a stylish nail look. it is very suitable for diy manicurists or nail salons. it has been recognized by many stylists
  • wakaniya trusted by professionals:to provide the best service, there is a 100% refund and exchange service with 24-hour online customer service. all our products have been tested and quality controlled. the world’s top nail care first choice for nail professionals and has become a professional product for technicians in the nail industry. if you have any questions, please let us know, we will try our best to help you, thank you, please enjoy your nail styling journey

Package Dimensions: 57x70x91

Details: you absolutely love 
wakaniya Builder Gel! It will be one of the easiest gels you have ever used,It is super beginner friendly and this polygel is definitely a great one to start with. 
The only things you may need to acquire alongside it would be a cuticle pusher, nippers, a buffer, nail tips, if you desire, cotton balls or wipes, and rubbing alcohol. These are your nail prep and finishing tools. Forgive me if I forgot anything.
This Builder gel is thick enough If you are trying this gel for the first time, please use a UV/LED light bake it patiently, although it is not easy to dry because the gel is firm and translucent.
If you are new to doing Builder gel, definitely look up tutorial videos on , as they will help you in learning this fun skill.
This Builder Gel by wakaniya has almost everything you need to start doing Builder gel nails at home,It would make a great addition to any nail artist’s collection and would also make a great gift.
①The gel will become viscous in cold weather. Please put it in hot water at 60-80℃ for 5-8 minutes before making it.
②To prevent peeling before using the gel, please clean the nail surface first and then put the primer to keep the gloss longer.
③If your UV/LED lamp is high-powered, put the gel to dry and if it is hot, please remove your hand and wait for 5 seconds before you can continue.
④After curing, there is a sticky layer on the surface of the nail, which is easy to be mistaken for not drying. Please clean it with alcohol, then apply the top coat and cure it. The gel nail will be shiny and not sticky.
⑤Please fully cure the nail extension glue under LED/UV light. The drying time depends on the thickness of the synergistic glue nail. The normal standard is LED 60-90 seconds, UV 120-150 seconds.


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