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Brand: Dakota

Color: Orange


  • 4-In-1 Vitamin C Immune Booster – We formulated a potent Vitamin C Supplement with Rose hips, Echinacea Extract, Zinc Caps Vitamins to make a powerful immune booster tablet that not only helps your immune system but gives your body a natural immune booster while producing important antibodies to speed up your healing process.
  • Vitamin C Capsules 1000mg – Finally a Vitamin C and Zinc Supplement for Adults that provides a high enough dosage, 500mg per capsule, 1000 total mg, that works for all age groups; Just one capsule a day packs enough vitamin c with zinc & echinacea that works for kids and adults; This immune booster pills are gluten free, Non-GMO, All Natural and tested thoroughly to ensure they are as effective as tablets, chewables, powder, gummies, tea, and even zinc lozenges with echinacea & vitamin c.
  • Vitamin C with Zinc – Not only do these Vitamin C Pills 2000mg total, aid antibody production to aid your body naturally the entire duration of a cold, these chewable kids vitamin c supplements help respiratory health and improves skin health since it is a vital nutrient for collagen synthesis; the strong antioxidants in these vitamins for system aid will help your body keep up and recover faster.
  • Vitamin C With Rosehips Echinacea – Our pure viramin. C complex is blended with Echinacea Capsules and is the trifecta for daily antioxidant action. Vitamin C from ascorbic acid, citrus bioflavonoids and rose hips helps protect cells against the damaging effects of free radicals to keep cells thriving.
  • 2 Month Supply Of Powerful Immune Support – With a dosage twice as high than you can get in a Gummy Vitamin C and D, Tablet, Syrup, Liquid Dropper, or even Vitamin C 500 Powder form, Dakota Nutrition has created a Vit C 1000 Immune Supplement second to none and packed it in a immunity boosting capsule that will last you 60 days. Other brands only provide enough product for 30 days or less.

Package Dimensions: 48x137x159

Details: Get Total Immune Support With Our Potent Vitamin C 1000 Supplement, Vitamin C for Kids and Adults!Today it is more important than ever to keep your immune system strong, and functioning at a high level! Adding a Vitamin C gummy, powder, chewable tablet, or even our Vit C capsules with liposomal vitamin c antioxidant boosting ingredients can aid your body in fighting off common ailments such as the common cold and flu! Key Benefits of Adding a Zinc Vitamin supplement with echinacea capsules to Your Daily Routine: – Antioxidant Rich to Strengthen and Support the Immune System* – Pure and Potent Ingredients for Maximum Results* – Improved Energy and Cognitive Function* – Improved Immunity* – Overall Immune System Support*Don’t Compromise your Immune System! Keep your Body Healthy and Functioning at a High Level with Vitamin C!Let’s Support Each Other During These Tough Times!Made in the United States!


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