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Brand: Theatoz

Package Dimensions: 12x70x15

If you are new to the art of acrylic nails, our nails bits (to be used with an electrical drill machine) are exactly the product that you need. They are used to cut and shape the acrylic nail; they are to be used on the natural fingernail and extension nail but you are carefully choose right bits. The Coarse drill bits usually use for extension nail, while the Medium and Fine is use for natural nail. Our nail bits would enable you to provide quick, gorgeous and hassle-free acrylic nail art service to your client.
Among the different types of bits available, carbide ones with gold, silver, purple, rainbow and black diamond coat. Our cleanable and infection-resistant nail drills have been carefully designed to provide you with the safest experience.
Here’s how the product features make it extraordinary:

Made out of heavy carbide material so that there’s no friction and minimum heat to prevent discomfort
The carbide bits are made of carbide metal (which is 20 times stronger than steel) so extremely long-lasting and can be easily cleaned. Carbide bits are a great tool for advanced users and are ideal for removing acrylic or gel polish.
The drill bits also have difference barrel you can choose large barrel or small barrel to work with, and with different coarseness levels to help you achieve any kind of surface work, shortening and backfills easily
Includes Extra Coarse Carbide Drill Bit for fast artificial nail rebalancing and quick removal of acrylic or gel nail enhancements
Sized to fit most professional electric nail files with a twist-open 3/32” shank

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