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Brand: senvenski

Color: HS004


  • Non Toxic:made by non toxic and harmless resin;Healthy,environmental,friendly;
  • Easy Application: Cure under UV or LED Lamp for 90-120 seconds; Base and Top coat required; For professional salon beauty shop and at home personal use; If gel feels thick or tacky, place in hot water for 1-2 minutes, remove from water and shake well;
  • Long Lasting:21-day high-gloss wear,On like polish,Wears like Gel,Off in minutes; It is appropriate for special occasions,such as weddings and for casual;
  • Charming:Fantastic 3D cat eye effect; Color Changing effect; bright and shiny;
  • Package:3 bottles nail polish+1 bottles color changing nail polish+2 bottles cat eye nail polish; Any question, feel free to contact us directly via Amazon message.

Package Dimensions: 18x142x159

Details: Senvenski Gel Nail Polish Soak Off Color Changing Glitter Magnetic Cat Eye Mood UV LED Art Manicure Easy Application: Step 1: Prep and push back cuticles; Trim, file and buff nails for a clean surface; ✰Before opening the bottle, roll the bottle between your hands back and forth to gently mix. Step 2: Apply Senvenski Base coat, and cure under UV lamp or LED light for 60-90 seconds; Step 3: Apply Senvenski color in a thin application. Cure under UV or LED light for 30-90 seconds; ✰When applying color, wipe excess gel with brush before applying strokes. Step 4: Apply a second coat, use a *Strong* magnet to get the line, then cure under UV or LED light for 30-90 seconds right away. Apply the third coat if neccessary; Step 5: Apply Senvenski No Wipe Top coat and cure under UV lamp or LED light for 30-90 seconds; ✰Seal the edges of your nails with the brush horizontally to avoid chipping. Step 6: Enjoy your 21 Day Manicure! Tips to avoid chipping: 1. Before applying, please ensure your nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free. 2. Don’t apply gel on the skin or cuticle. 3. Apply gel to the edge of each nail to seal the gel and avoid chipping. How to remove: Step 1: Soak cotton pad with acetone; Step 2: Wrap around each nail with tin foil leave for approx. 10 minutes, check if ready if not leave a few minutes more; Step 3: Use an orange stick or a cuticle pushier to remove softened gel. Don’t get the cat eye affect? – You need to apply one coat, and cure it under the light. – Apply another coat, use a *Strong* magnet to get the line and cure right away. – The keys are – a strong magnet – and curing the polish right after each nail has the look you want. – Don’t use the magnet after you cure the nail polish, if so, you cannot get the cat eye effect even you use the strong magnet.

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