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Color: French Color


  • Package includes: 10g dip powder*6, 10ml dip liquid*4, cuticle trimmer*1, cuticle pusher*1, nail file*1, nail buffer*1, dust brush*1, makeup bag*1.
  • Fine powder and long lasting: Powder is fine and can be absorbed evenly by base gel, effect can last for more than 2 weeks if apply properly.
  • Fast dry and no need curing: Doesn’t need UV/LED nail lamp to cure, save time and avoid skin turning black or damaging skin.
  • All inclusive and portable: Accessories all-in-one, the whole kit is packaged in a gorgeous makeup bag, enjoy your DIY manicure even when you’re out.
  • Tips: In order to keep the product in good condition and prevent the glue from drying out, please clean all the bottles and cap them tightly in time after use.

Package Dimensions: 56x190x295

Details: Package Includes:
6 x 10g/0.34 oz dip powder
1 x 10ml/0.34 fl oz base coat
1 x 10ml/0.34 fl oz activator
1 x 10ml/0.34 fl oz top coat
1 x 10ml/0.34 fl oz brush saver
1 x cuticle trimmer
1 x cuticle pusher
1 x nail file
1 x nail buffer
1 x dust brush
1 x makeup bag
How to Use:
Step 1. File and shape nails, apply a thin layer of BASE COAT.
Step 2. Dip into CLEAR POWDER, tap off extra powder with DUST BRUSH.
Step 3. Apply BASE COAT again.
Step 4. Dip fingertip into WHITE POWDER to achieve a french smile line.
Step 5. Dip entire nail into PINK POWDER, tap off extra powder.
Step 6. Repeat step 3, 4, 5.
Step 7. Apply one layer of ACTIVATOR and air dry for 2 minutes, file the nails.
Step 8. Apply ACTIVATOR again, apply two layers of TOP COAT and wait it to dry.
Tips & Tricks:
1. Wait for a bit before tapping off the excess powder to allow the powder and base coat to absorb fully.
2. Apply activator once again before top coat, which can make the latter dry faster.
3. Two layers of top coat should be as thin as possible, the second layer should be applied after the first layer is dry.
4. Ensure all the bottles are cleaned up properly and the caps are tightened well in time, otherwise the glue may dry up.
5. If you want it to last longer, prepare your nails well and pay attention to cover the edge of the nail when applying base&top coat.
How to Remove:
Step 1. Break the seal of the gel with nail file, the top layer must be completely removed.
Step 2. Put your finger in the gel polish remover pad and wrap it immediately.
Step 3. Soak the nail for about 10-15 minutes and then remove the pad.
Step 4. Remove the residue on the nail surface with cuticle pusher gently.

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