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Brand: Pro Marine Supplies

Color: Clear


  • COMPLETE SET COVERED: Unsure how to prep for your epoxy resin mixtures? We’ve got it covered! This set comes with 4 measuring cups, 6 medium black nitrile gloves, 2 foam brushes, and 2 stir sticks so you can start right away.
  • UV RESISTANT: All clear epoxy resins yellow over time. But ProMarine’s Clear Table Top Epoxy has added UV resistance. This helps stall the yellowing process, making your projects look crystal clear longer.
  • EXPECT AN EVEN SURFACE: No one likes imperfect surfaces when coating tabletops. Worry not! Our 2 part clear epoxy resin creates a tough, self-leveling coating that doesn’t have craters, crawling, and fish eyes.
  • FOOD SAFE: Finally built your dream kitchen, bar top, or Riverwood table? Then wine and dine with your friends and loved ones since our crystal clear epoxy resin coating is entirely food-safe when properly measured, mixed, poured, and cured.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Wondering where else you can use our clear epoxy resin? Use it for wood finishes, river tables, resin art, coasters, canvases, see-through encapsulations, and more!

Package Dimensions: 254x256x4785

Are you a professional craftsman looking for a reliable epoxy resin for your furnishing? Or are you a hobbyist wanting to build a cool tabletop? This 2 part epoxy resin and hardener from ProMarine Supplies is exactly what you need, plus it comes with all the bonus tools to get you started right away.With the essential materials on hand, setting up your resin workstation is super easy! This practical set is suitable even for beginners as it comes with 4 measuring cups, 6 medium black nitrile gloves, 2 foam brushes, and 2 stir sticks.This 2 component system is designed to give you a finish that can withstand impact, water damage, and more. It is a self-leveling formula that’s non-toxic and food safe (when properly cured), making it safe for home use.This kit has a speedy set time of 12 hours, leaving behind a beautiful and high gloss counter that’s UV resistant and sure to be with you for decades to come.
Pro Marine Supplies has been supplying epoxy resin products since 2013 to solidify your bar tops, tabletops, and more in an easy-to-use 1:1 volume mix ratio. The excellent color stability makes it a popular product of choice for professional artisans and DIY hobbyists alike.Our specially formulated product maintains the sharp corner integrity of your furniture and has excellent air-release qualities to reveal a crystal clear finish. This product isn’t just a tool for woodworking as you can also use it for other things such as see-through art or improving surface appearance.A 1/2 gallon of Pro Marine Supplies epoxy and resin covers approximately 8 sq. ft. while a gallon covers 16 sq. ft at 1/8 thickness. It’s best to measure how much supply you will need before preserving your gorgeous furniture and artworks.Can’t wait to impress your friends and loved ones with your furniture makeover? Make one now with the Pro Marine Supplies Crystal Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin!

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