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  • Content: There are 12 different sizes that fit most fingers, 2 Pcs per size, totally 24 Pcs false nails, 1pcs mini file and a sheet random nail stickers. It is easy to track and choose the right size for each finger according to the number of the fake nails.
  • Easy to Use: This is the easiest way to get manicures. You can take few minutes at home do your nails instead of 1 hour in salon shop. You just apply glue or stickers to nails, put on the right size false nails and press on them for seconds. Last up to at least a week and can be reused.
  • Occasion: You can choose different style on your nails according to parties, wedding, cosplay, costume ball, summer beach, daily life and so on. If you like, you can change style every day.
  • Material: Our false nails are made from high quality virgin ABS plastic, which is friendly green environmental material. No toxic and smell. More important, there is no harm to your nails or your body.
  • A Gift: It must be a wonderful gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or daughter in festivals. And it is super sweet if you do the manicures for them.

Package Dimensions: 14x133x18

Details: You may quickly beauty up your nails anytime and anywhere, with our file and adhesive tab. 

1. We Will Provide the Following Contents: 
24 x pcs false nail tips (10pcs per size, 12sizes fit most fingers) 
1 x mini file 
1 x random adhesive tab

2. How to use:
Choose the right size false nails for each finger.
Use our complimentary nail file to gently polish your nails and the false nails for a better fit.
Clean your nails and keep them clean and dry.  
Apply glue or sticker to nail, attach a slice from the root of the nail to the front of the nail, and press on them for seconds.
File and shape your new nails if needed and done.

 3. Occasions:
You can choose different style on your nails according to parties, wedding, cosplay, costume ball, summer beach, daily life and so on. 

4. Note:
Actual color may slightly vary from the picture owing to lighting effects or the different screen of display.
Try not to wet your fingers within a few minutes of wearing fake nails.
You can use your own glue which may make the nails stay on your nails longer according to the feedback from our customers. 
Once painted with the right glue they are easy to stick on nails and the clear nail set look very natural.
You can easily get the wonderful gel glam nails, instead of applying gel polish or nail polish.
5. Unloading method:
Adhesive Tabs: Put your nails in warm water for 2 minutes and adhesive tabs can be removed easier.
Do not remove it abruptly which may leave some mark of the nail stickers on your nail surface. 
In that case, you can also clean the remain nail stickers with water.
Nail Glue: Use nail remover. Never break or pull false nails off. This may damage your natural nails.


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