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  • ❤️[Retro design] 100% pure Kolinsky mink nail brush. The wooden handle is ergonomically designed, making it easier to hold and operate the pen.
  • ❤️【Best use method】Before use, please clean the brush with brush cleaner or liquid monomer.
  • ❤️【Correct maintenance】Please keep ventilated and avoid direct sunlight. Proper use, maintenance and cleaning will ensure a longer service life.
  • ❤️【Moving or shedding】Pulling or shedding from the new brush is a normal process. After brushing in, after several brushing, moulting will stop.
  • ❤️[Maintenance Precautions] Acetone will remove the gloss on the bristles and make the acrylic sticky and remain. Clean with a brush cleaner or liquid monomer after use. Remove moisture and reshape before storage.

Package Dimensions: 22x183x59

UPC: 765074611902


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