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Brand: Ownest.

Color: B


  • 【Blooming Effect】With marble pattern and watercolor ink effect, it produces natural and realistic flower effect on nails. Different watercolor inks collide to make your nails more charming and charming.
  • 【Multiple Colors】The collision of multiple colors, different colors can collide with different awesome blooming nail polish effects, and can also create different gel colors to create a magical magic smudge effect on the nails.
  • 【DIY Nail Art】Suitable for UV gel nails, acrylic nails, artificial nails and natural nails. It can be applied in single color or multi-color. It has a natural texture and can freely produce various mysterious personalized nails.
  • 【With Transparent Color】#12 The color is transparent and is used to aid blooming. You can bloom the color to make the blooming effect more natural.
  • 【Easily Use】Ideal for creating your own beautiful nail art design on your fingers or toenails. DIY at home can save you time and money. Suitable for professional use and personal use.

Package Dimensions: 48x137x272

Details: Package Contents:

Package : Blooming Nail Polish*6

Weight:About 15ml/bottle

Color: as the picture shows


1.Suitable to apply on nails,acrylic nails,and natural nails etc.

2. Perfect for both professional use and personal use.

3. The #12 is transparent, which makes the blooming effect more natural.

4. Different watercolor inks collide to make your nails more charming and charming.

5. Fast drying,without lighting.

How to use:

1. First apply white nail polish to make the nails dry and solidify.

2. Use smudge solution to smear the desired effect without lighting.

3. Use #12 transparent color to smudge the color without lighting.

4. After about 10 seconds, apply a layer of lacquer after drying, and the backlight will make the nails cure.


1. Keep away from children.

2. Avoid direct sunlight and direct sunlight, store in a cool place.

3. Because of different display and different brightness, it is possible that the picture does not reflect the actual color of the item.

4. After blooming each color, it is recommended to clean your applicator tool with clean water to prevent other colors from mixing with # 12 transparent color.

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