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  • 🌿DO YOU NEED MENTAL CLARITY, STAMINA, WHILE BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNITY? Mushroom extract powder is derived from Ancient Chinese Medicinal Techniques. Lion Mane, Reishi, Wood Ear & Shiitake has been shown to improves mood- focus & lowers stress, while Cordycep & Chaga increase your stamina. All 10 real mushrooms are Immunity boosting & cell health supporting.
  • 🍄 ENSURE YOUR GETTING QUALITY OVER QUANTITY- Extract vs Powder- Powders are made up of the whole mushroom, including the grain it is grown on= mostly starch & require more to achieve benefits. EXTRACT: Only uses fruiting body of the mushrooms, hot water extracted to break down the mushroom cell walls to make the extract more bio-available to absorb= taking a lot less for the same effect. 14x Stronger as its a 14:1 ratio.
  • 🌿 SAFETY FOR YOUR FAMILY- USA 3rd PARTY TESTED- Each batch for Beta Glucans – Using the TOP 10 MOST POWERFUL Mushrooms- Made with only the most potent organic mushrooms part-100% Whole Fruiting Bodies & extracted using hot purified water at 14:1 ratio with NO mycelium (grain). 30% or more Beta Glucans 3rd party checked.
  • 🍄 USDA ORGANIC WILD MOUNTAIN HARVESTED MUSHROOMS- Our Superfood 10 Mushroom blend is USDA certified | 3rd Party Tested| Non-GMO| No Fillers| Vegan friendly| Gluten Free| Paleo. No chemicals or alcohol is used to obtain our powders. Mostly collected from pure untouched mountains & few countryside farms.
  • 🌿 WILL IT WORK FOR ME? Everybody is different and we understand that. If after 3 weeks of taking our product you do not see the great benefits, simply apply for a refund though Amazon. 100% MONEY BACK guarantee within 30 days of purchase. NO risk. BUY NOW! Use in- Coffee, tea, smoothies, soups, broth or seasoning for recipes.

Package Dimensions: 29x155x68

Details: Would you like more MENTAL CLARITY & FEEL CALMER WHILE BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNITY? ?Want a Mushroom supplement from nature with no fillers, additives or derived with alcohol?Looking for easy to take Magic Mushroom Powder?
Then Nourishing Nutrients Superfood 10 Mushroom Powder Extract Blend is for you. Our powder is;* Hot water extract (no alcohol used)* USDA certified organic* Gluten Free* US 3rd Party Tested for potency* FREE from fillers, grains & mycelium* Vegan friendly* NON-GMO* PURE MUSHROOM EXTRACT* Make Mushroom coffee / tea or add to smoothie/ drinks or food & broth to enhance their flavorsAt Nourishing Nutrients we believe Superfoods from nature, heal. Ensuring the highest potency & quality by sourcing where products originate from. Medicinal Mushrooms are an ancient form of Traditional Chinese herbs, dating back to 400 A.D.
To ensure the highest quality, we “Wild Mountain Harvest” most of our real mushrooms from the untouched mountains.
Regular Use of Mushroom Extract Supplements helps:* Improved mental clarity* Reduction of inflammation in the body* Boosting your immune support* Stamina, wellness and vitality* Anti-oxidants*Anti-aging*Clear brain fog*Alertness
Our Superfood 10 Mushroom Complex has a HIGH Beta-glucan level that exceeds 30%. Why is this important? High levels of Beta-glucan have been associated with increasing your Immunity. Today hundreds of Science Studies have been done on the health & adaptogenic benefits of these types of mushrooms.
Extract is purer than capsules or pills. Nothing added.
100% Money Back Guarantee! BUY TODAY, click Add to cart button now try yourself. If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us for a replacement or refund.

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