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  • ARE YOU TIRED OF FISHY BURPS, RETASTING OR INDIGESTION? – When you take the cleanest and purest pharmaceutical grade fish oil on the market, you can take it without concern. No uncomfortable and unpleasant experience of fish oil retasting, burps, or indigestion. Ocean Blue combines the purest fish oil with natural orange extract, creating a pleasant omega 3 product without the concern for burps or retasting that you get with lower quality fish oil products.
  • DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S IN YOUR FISH OIL? – Because Ocean Blue Professional Omega-3 2100 is manufactured and monitored facility, you can rest assured that your fish oil is the purest and cleanest fish oil product available today. It’s triple distilled to ensure that any remaining contaminants are removed from our wild-caught and sustainably sourced fish oil.
  • HIGHEST CONCENTRATION OF EPA, DHA, AND DPA PER SERVING – Ocean Blue Omega 3 2100 is a triple strength omega-3 fatty acid supplement with 2100 mg total omega-3. Made with our premium blend of 1350 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA, Ocean Blue Omega 3 2100 is 88% pure omega-3s, paired with a pleasant natural orange flavor. Making this the best choice for your whole family.
  • LESS OF THE BAD STUFF VS AVERAGE FISH OILS – Ocean Blue Professional Omega 3 2100 contains up to 75% less fat than the average fish oil supplement. When you combine that with the fact 2100 contains 2100 mg of molecularly distilled EPA DHA and EPA, its easy to see why Cardiologist recommend this product. More of the good, less of the bad
  • GUARANTEED FRESHNESS AND EFFICACY YOU CAN COUNT ON – Ocean Blue guarantees the freshness and efficacy of the products they sell. They promise that you will get the results you are looking for from their fish oil, or your money back! They are so certain you will be happy with your purchase which is why they offer this guarantee.

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Oceanblue Professional Omega-3 2100 is a prescription-strength omega-3 fatty acid supplement made with the Olcenic blend. Olcenic is a proprietary blend of highly pure omega-3s and other essential oils made with an optimal ratio of EPA(Eicosapentaenoic Acid), DHA(Docosahexaenoic Acid), and DPA (Docosapentaenoic Acid).  EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) are the two most well-researched forms of omega-3s. They are both essential fatty acids which mean that your body can’t make these fatty acids, so you must get them through your diet. EPA and DHA are highly unsaturated fats that are vital nutrients and are known as healthy fats because of their importance to the healthy function of our bodies.  Omega-3 2100 contains 2,100 mg of omega-3s per serving which is three times as strong as other fish oil products. It comes in a pleasing natural orange flavor that may help eliminate fish taste and burps that are common with lower quality fish oil supplements. All of the omega-3s come from wild-caught, anchovies, and sardines with zero to low mercury exposure of the pristine waters of the Peruvian coast.  It is best to take Oceanblue products with food due to better absorption. It contains fish and soy derivatives.

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