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Brand: VIVRE Cosmetics


  • CERTIFIED WATER-PERMEABLE – All of VIVRE Cosmetics nail polishes are certified water-permeable and breathable by SGS Labs in France
  • TOXIC & 10 FREE – VIVRE Cosmetics nail polishes are toxic free and free of the 10 most harmful chemicals found in typical nail polish
  • VEGAN – HALAL – CRUELTY FREE – All of our polishes are vegan, halal, non-gmo and never tested on animal
  • CHIP-FREE – Do you fear the chip? Fear no more! All of our polishes are long-lasting, chip-free and extremely quick drying
  • MADE IN USA – We are extremely proud to say all of our polishes are made locally in the USA

Package Dimensions: 25x71x68

Details: Traditional nail polish is made up of neat, molecular bonds tightly stacked on top of each other. These molecules do not allow water to get through easily but with air-permeable and water-permeable nail polish, the molecules are staggered on top of one another (similar to a brick wall) to allow water and air molecules to seep through the spaces and reach the nail bed. With this permeability, nails stay stronger and healthier. Say goodbye to discolored and brittle nails with our Breathable Nail Polish! Use our halal nail polish, breathable nail polish, water permeable nail polish, wudu friendly nail polish and never worry about toxic nail polish again!

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