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Brand: Enenes

Color: A


  • ❤️ Novelty Bank’s nail tapes are very easy to use to create stripe patterns, leaving very clear lines. It is better to let the bottom nail polish dry completely before putting on the tape otherwise you’ll rip off the nail polish.
  • ❤️ No reduplicate nail art tapes will be received. There are similarities, but they are different, in that there is two of almost every color, but one is a holographic looking shine and one is just a flat shiny look.
  • ❤️ This narrow line set is a fantastic addition to your collection of nail art polish tools and accessories that all comes in high quality material. You can create a fast manicure by yourself with these striping line during journey.
  • ❤️ These striping tapes stick well to nails. If you use some kind of top coat over the lines they will last longer and won’t loose any shine.
  • ❤️ Each roll is 20 yards long and the line is smoothly cut into 1mm wide.

Package Dimensions: 25x135x159

Details: Package Content: 30 rolls of striping lines + 2 single dispensers

Line Length: 20 yards per each roll

Line Width: 1 mm

Pattern Finishing: Foil or holographic

Colors Available:

Use: Use the lines to make stripe patterns after the bottom nail polish dry completely, and apply the top nail polish after, you will get a long lasting fashion manicure. Do not limit your imagination. They would be great to use as temporary lines for intricate designs as well as in other crafting projects.


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