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  • Practice Your Manicure Skills on Fake Hand First-This acrylic nail kit come with rubber fake hand for nail skills practice. Also come with the professional acrylic nail powder 42 colors and liquid monomer, nail files, glue, brushes, and dotting pen, nail cutter etc. Almost include everything needed for beginners. With this set, you will become an nail artist soon.
  • Flexible & Bendable-The practice nail hand is made of high quality rubber, so that it’s very soft and smooth, Fingers of this fake training hand are bendable and flexible, they can be bent to any position as you like and recovered back without any crease.
  • Good for Beginners-Nail hand practice is a best way for beginners to quickly improve their nail skills. This hand for nail practice has been widely used in Nail Teaching. You can also practice at home even if there is no one to help you, and can also be used as gifts for your friends or family.
  • Acrylic Powder Nail Kit- You will get three colors of nail acrylic powder for choosing(Pink, White, Clear).Feel free to enjoy your nail art journey. Our Acrylic powder is made from professional nail formula and high-quality ingredients. It can last for a long time, suitable for nail experts and nail beginners.
  • Gel Nail Polish Remover Kit-Easy to remove nails art at home without going nail salon, you can use the gel nail remover tools set to simply grind, wrap, clip, scratch and polish steps, easily to remove the nail gels. You also can practice nail remover skill by yourself and progress in this aspect not only in nail art.

Package Dimensions: 87x252x1021


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