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Color: Crystal Crush


  • ♛ THE CRYSTAL CRUSH DIP POWDER NAIL COLLECTION: The Crystal Crush collection features 6 gorgeous colored nail powders, plus a powder dust brush, cuticle pusher, cuticle trimmer and two professional nail files. This gleaming collection of jewel toned glitters are sure to catch your crush’s eye. THIS SET DOES NOT INCLUDE BASE COAT, TOP COAT OR ACTIVATOR.
  • ♛ LIGHTWEIGHT & LONG-LASTING: Our ultra-fine and non-toxic dip powder formula lasts just as long as acrylic or gel but is more lightweight and cures to a flawless, long-lasting finish. Your manicure will stay gorgeous for 15 days or more.
  • ♛ EYE-CATCHING EFFECT: Our high-purity pearl nail powder will give your nails a luxurious finish. The ultra-flattering solid and glitter shades are perfect for creating a variety of looks that are sure to stand out in the crowd.
  • ♛ THE PERFECT GIFT: The collection comes in a sleek, streamlined package that’s easy to store and ready for gifting to the mani lovers in your life. Perfect for holidays or an everyday surprise.
  • ♛ CUSTOMER SERVICE GUARANTEE: Every order includes our 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy and 24/7 after-sales service.

Package Dimensions: 42x213x231

Details: Preparation: Trim your nails before applying

1. Apply a layer of primer

2. Dip your nails in the dip powder

3. Use a brush to remove excess powder

4. Apply primer again

5. Dip your nails in the dip powder

6. Apply a layer of activator and let it dry for 2 minutes

7. Apply a sealant and let it dry for 2 minutes

Drizzle Beauty focuses on quality and experience.

Any color has a unique meaning. You can also have a unique beauty using this color, as if everyone has their own meaning.

Good texture & easy to use: The dipping powder kit is smooth and easy to use, suitable for all kinds of nails. Whether it is home manicure or salon use, they can bring you professional and perfect results.

In order to ensure quality, we have established our own R&D team and production plant to give priority to ensuring product quality.

Drizzle Beauty advocates creation, pays attention to quality and sharing. If you encounter any problems during use, we will promptly resolve your doubts. Thank you for choosing Drizzle Beauty!

Does the powder stick to the brush?

Please wait for a while when immersing in the dipping powder, and then use a brush to remove the excess powder.

Is the surface powder sticky unevenly?

Apply a thin layer of primer evenly, otherwise the glue will shrink and cause uneven nail surface.

Is the topcoat hard to dry?

The topcoat should be as thin as possible, up to two layers. Apply the activator again before the top coat, which can make it dry faster.

How to maintain long-lasting gloss?

Trim your nails before the operation and make sure that the nails are completely dry. This is the key to lasting nails.


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