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Brand: Makartt


  • New Creative Foil Nail Art Design: Difference style and shape nail foil stickers help you DIY your unique foil nails design and also could be applied to your toes, especially great for transfers the foil sticker’s pattern to your colors gel nail polish, poly nail gel, dip powder, acrylic powder, rhinestones or sequins to make a dramatic effect. Design your unique nail art everywhere.
  • 2021 Fashionable Nail Foil Nail Art: Makartt Nail Foil Gel Kit, along with 10pcs different natural flower foil stickers(100cm2.5cm) and strong adhesion nail foil glue, make your nails like a beautiful art painting. Large capacity with multiple patterns is convenient to choose the most suitable design that fits your every finger. Just skip the nail salon and save your time and money.
  • High-Quality Material Gel Nail Glue: Our nail foil glue are made from natural resin which is a kind of green-friendly environmental material. A storage box design makes these 10 rolls of foil nail transfer easy to be saved and carry, longer-lasting comparing with normal stickers with topcoats.
  • Easy Application and Removal Nail Foils: Makartt transfer nail foil glue should be cured under a nail lamp for a perfect foil result (60secs); Using a durable topcoat can prolong the foil result in daily life. Removed easily with nail polish remover. NOTE: Please distinguish the Front and Back of Stickers. Press the stickers evenly and repeatedly before remove them.
  • Awesome Nail Style Maker Nail Foil Kit: Great for both professional nail specialists or nail art learners, suitable for nail salons and DIY nail art at home, wonderful gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother, or sisters, and excellent for Parties/Wedding/Costume ball/Halloween/Christmas/etc.

Package Dimensions: 29x182x101

Do you want to experience a nail painting art and light your nail at home?

Makartt Professional 20Rolls Nail Art Foil Stickers Set with Foil Glue Gel help you DIY your unique nail art design in minutes. Easy to apply and perfect for nail art beginners. Fast and convenient to do your own nail style.

1.Package Include: 8ml/0.51fl.oz nail foil glue X 10 Rolls Nail Art Foil Stickers
2. 2.5cm/1.57in X100cm/39.37in per roll
3.Easy Application and Removal- Apply with built-in brush like other nail polish and being removed easily with nail polish remover
4. Increase capacity to 15ml in 1 bottle gel foil, and multiple patterns nail art foil stickers help to make up your nails in long time
5.Suitable for professional, nail salon, nail art school / college, nail art artist and personal / home use, wholesale, etc.

1.Select your favorite nail foil style and cut off in suitable size you want(just big enough for the nails).
2.File, shape your nails, remove cuticles and oils.
3.Apply base coat, and cure it under UV/LED lamp(UV lamp for 1 mins; LED lamp for 30secs).
4.Optional – Apply nail gel polish as the base color you want, cure it under UV/LED lamp(UV lamp for 2 mins; LED lamp for 60secs).
5.Apply a layer of Makartt Nail Foil Glue, and cure it under UV/LED lamp(UV lamp for 1-2 mins; LED lamp for 40-60secs).
6.Spread the sticker on the nail surface.
7.Press evenly and repeatedly with thumbs and index finger.
8.Remove the sticker carefully and repeat printing on nail surface for a perfect foil.
9.Apply the top coat and cure it for long lasting result(UV lamp for 2 mins; LED lamp for 60secs).


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