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Brand: My Berry Organics


  • Fine Raw Powder Wild Harvested In the Pristine Forests Of Maine USA and Adjoining Forests of Quebec and New Brunswick, Canada Note: Raw Chaga Powders Will Not Dissolve In Liquids No Matter How Finely Ground And Must Be Steeped like tea
  • Not Cultured From Oats But Is Wild Harvested as Cultured Does Not Grow the Important Black Crust
  • Now In 4oz Size For Easier Closing, Meets USA Standards Of Good Manufacturing Practices

Package Dimensions: 45x199x118

Details: Maine Chaga Fine Powder is sustainably harvested from live healthy birch trees in the pristine forests of Maine, USA and our neighboring forests of Quebec and New Brunswick. Our chaga is not cultured or cultivated as only wild harvested chaga grows the important black outer crust. Raw chaga powder does not dissolve in water and must be steeped in very hot water like regular tea. Chaga has no odor and minimal taste. A tightly woven filter may be used or one can allow the grounds to fall to the bottom of the cup. While the the grounds are not harmful to consume, they most likely will be “steeped-out” of its nutrients and can be discarded after drinking. One may add any flavorings or sweeteners as desired or drink it plain. Do not use if allergic to mushrooms. Makes 300-600 servings of 1/4-1/2 teaspoons.

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