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  • LAST GENERATION STERILIZER: This is LuxeUp brand new and completely upgraded last generation nail sterilizer. It can’t get better!
  • MULTINATIONAL: Sterilize Nail Nippers, Tweezers, Salon Peelers, Tattoo Needles, Barber Scissors and much more!
  • 96 WATTS: LuxeUp last generation sterilizer is pure and efficient power. There is not other 96 Watts sterilizer in the market!
  • MORE SPACE: LuxeUp Nail Sterilizer was built with plenty of space to clean a whole set of nails, tattoo and barber tools
  • GLASS BEADS SET: LuxeUp Nail sterilizer comes with a full set of glass beads to disinfect your tools

Package Dimensions: 160x173x839


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