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Brand: Krispeas


  • Your go-to healthy and tasty vegan snack when you’re in the mood for crunchy and flavorful guilt-free chips without the drawbacks of gluten-based snacks
  • High protein, low net carbs, high fiber content, and no artificial additives leave you feeling satiated rather than hungry and guilty
  • Just the right amount of spice and crunchiness to satisfy your taste buds. Made with premium ingredients and freshly milled split peas
  • Munch on these falafel chips straight from the bag or dip them in hummus or your favorite spread as a healthy filling snack or part of a meal

Package Dimensions: 71x262x227

Details: Krispeas missionOur aim from the start was simple; take the food we love and reinvent it into something simpler, healthier, and more delicious. We hope we’ve accomplished this with our crunchy and perfectly seasoned baked falafel chipsWhy are krispeas the ultimate healthy snack?krispeas baked falafel chips combine the unique flavors of a classic Mediterranean favorite with the convenience of delicious gluten-free snack that’s packed with nutritious green split peas, flax seeds, and 11 herbs and spiceskrispeas chips provide a low-fat source of dietary fiber, protein, and iron. There are no added artificial colors or flavors and krispeas are free of trans fat and cholesterolEach chip packs about 1 gram each of protein and fiber, both of which are known to satisfy hunger without the after effects of sluggishness or guilt. krispeas are a great post-workout or midday snack to keep you full and energized for hours. If you are on a vegan, gluten free, or a carb conscious diet krispeas falafel chips are a perfect convenient snack to help fuel up your dayOur unique baking process also gives krispeas falafel chips their extraordinary crunch and allows us to pack in more protein and fiber into each spicy chip. Yum!Where and how are krispeas made?Krispeas are made in Phoenix, Arizona. Every handmade batch of krispeas is made with all natural premium ingredients including green split peas, flax seeds, olive oil and sea salt. We add our signature blend of falafel spices and herbs and bake it all into thick-cut, mouthwatering falafel chips with a superior crunch

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