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  • Antioxidant Root Food: Beets are a crazily effective anti-oxidant wonder food, brawling with free radicals and boldly inserting their Beet Super Powers between your cowering cells and the oxidative stress that would otherwise destroy them.
  • Betalains Explained: Betanin and vulgaxanthin, prominent in beet mojo. These phytonutrients are in a class called betalains which are known to promote a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Circulation Magic: Superbeets (okay it’s just beet powder) are known to increase nitric oxide in the body. This is great news for your endothelium; the micro-thin lining of your entire vascular system and major player in the blood pressure game.
  • Oxygen Rabbit Pulled From Hat: Beetroot powder, naturaly nitrate rich, is turned to nitric oxide when consumed. Then absorbed into the bloodstream to work their oxygen-boosting magic, through processes that are still under investigation.
  • We Got the Beet: Enjoy that freaky-looking, bright red disc in the middle of your plate – or easily mix beetroot powder into smoothies, juice or water. Amazing energy boost, and not nearly as scary as those giant beet root capsules, either!

Package Dimensions: 107x136x599

Details: Polvo de raíz de remolacha KOS Esta cosa es tu campeón de peso pesado antioxidante. Encontrado por los Institutos de Salud de Nat’l para tener más mojo antioxidante que otros 22 extractos de fruta, el poder de combate de radicales libres de la raíz de remolacha es el titular. La raíz de la remolacha también afecta positivamente su endotelio, la membrana que recubre el corazón y los vasos sanguíneos, y un alto contenido de nitrato aumenta la felicidad cardiovascular. Ingredientes puros, potenciados por la naturaleza. En KOS estamos dedicados a su viaje, su energía diaria y los poderes curativos de la simplicidad. USO SUGERENCIADO Agregue una porción (1 cucharada) a su plato favorito o bebida para un impulso nutritivo.

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