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Brand: Kneipp

Color: Eucalyptus, Cold & Flu Relief


  • THE BEST RESPONSE TO THE COMMON COLD AND CONGESTION. Eucalyptus oil is obtained from the fresh leaves of the Eucalyptus tree. When you feel the onset of sickness, take a warm bath to aid recovery and get a much needed boost of energy and refreshment.
  • 125 YEARS EXPERIENCE AS NATURE‚ÄôS EXPERT, Kneipp continues its heritage by providing natural body, bathing and skin care products that nourish, beautify and invigorate the skin and mood. Health pioneer Sebastian Kneipp laid the foundation for the emergence of products created from plants with a focus on nature and health. We never test products on animals, of course! We source raw materials with sustainability and high quality as our main objectives.
  • PLANT-BASED AND 100% VEGAN BUBBLE BATH BLENDED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS of eucalyptus. Find sanctuary in a slow, deeply relaxing aromatherapy bubble bath where the mind and body take rest to rejuvenate. From the enchanting scents to the blends of nature’s best plants, your bathing experience is sweet serenity for the mind, body and soul. Kneipp bubble baths offer long-lasting bubbles for a holistic bath experience through the interaction of color and aromatherapy.
  • KEY BENEFITS OF BATHING. Kneipp recommends bathing 1 to 2 times per week for 15 to 20 minutes. Your entire body benefits from a comforting, warm bath.

Package Dimensions: 63x206x458

Details: The KNEIPP EUCALYPTUS AROMATHERAPY BUBBLE BATH has a beneficial effect during fall and winter when plagued with the pesky symptoms of cold, stuffy nose, congestion and sore throat. Natural essential oils of eucalyptus and mint work toegether to develop their aromatherapeutic effects for the body and mind.


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