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Brand: danjinail

Color: Pink


  • It is easy to rearrange colors because it is a color chart using nail tips.
  • The case is compatible with the refill tip size, it holds well without glue and is easy to take out.(Tip size fits case when 2-coat color + top gel is applied. Nailtips may come out of the case before applying color.)
  • It is easy to carry and store without any color damage as it is integrated with a hard case and can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • Because the size chart of nail stone is built inside, it’s easy to pick the size matching the art design.
  • Because the tip size is compatible with woman nail size, you can check the color by directly placing the tip on the real nail.

Package Dimensions: 33x175x340

Details: Handy charts are not just color charts. We want users to enjoy nail art without the constraints of time and place by using handy charts. Not only is it convenient to move and store, it also gives the user more freedom. Handy charts are about the size of a cell phone and compact in size, so they can be stored even in a handbag. You can finish nail art easily and quickly when you need it by using predesigned nail tips on handy charts. If you’re using a handy chart, You can easily rearrange it at any time. If you use a handy chart, you can also simulate nail stones, colors and designs in advance. You can make your own nail collection with a handy chart and share it with your friends. Handy charts are not only functionally useful, It has a neat design. If you feel the the presented nail tips do not fit perpectly, add color gel or top gel (The nail tip is designed for 2 coats of color gel + 1 coat of top gel. It may be loose with nail tips only and no color gel applied.)


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