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Color: Peach Pink Lavender


  • ~EASY & CONVENIENT TO USE: Gellen nail extension gel dry quite fast, requiring cure time only for 30-60s(LED Lamp) or 2 mins(UV Lamp). It’s more flexible and easier to control than other nail extension. It’s stronger but lighter than acrylic or UV builder gel, makes your nails feel free when you do the nails. It makes your nails look natural, with pretty length and neatness.
  • ~VARIOUS COLORS : A must have set, including pearl, soft pink, clear and violet, providing you more choices to create your own natural look nails art.
  • ~LASTING LONG ENOUGH : It will last up to about 1 month or longer with proper applied. With the detailed instruction on listing page, even a beginner can make her(his) beautiful and durable nail extension easily.
  • ~WIDE USAGE : Not only good for doing poly quick gel nails but also good for doing UV gel/acylic nails/other nail extension, so you can make a beautiful nail art design on your finger nails even toe nails.
  • ~BRILLIANT CUSTOMER SERVICE:Please feel free to contact us when any problem encountered, we are always willing to provide you a satisfied solution.

Package Dimensions: 41x86x113

Details: Expiration Date : 36 months since open the cap.

—Ways to Use:
1. With dual form;    (an easy and quick way to do nail extension gel nails for nail art beginners)
2. With nail form;
3. Carve or decorate with poly nail gel;
4. Apply as an overlay.

    Clean your cuticles and file your nails surface competely. 
    Make sure your nails are clean and without oil before brushing the base coat.
    If you want your nail extension last well, please remember to paint base coat before applying the poly nail gel.
1. File and clean your nail surface and edge;
2. Apply a thin layer of base coat, then cure it with LED lamp for 30-60s while UV lamp for 2 mins;
3. Pick desired amount of poly gel and put it on dual form;
4. Dip the nail art brush in slip solution to make gel smooth;
5. Shape the gel on the dual form;
6. Gently apply the dual form from the cuticle to the whole nail;
7. Cure it with LED lamp for 30-60s while UV lamp for 2 mins;
8. Remove the dual form;
9. Trim the shape your like and polish your nails;
10. Apply the top coat;
11. Cure it with LED lamp for 30-60s while UV lamp for 2 mins;
12. Beautiful poly gel nails done!
1. Use nail file to file the nail surface;
2. Wrap it tight in remover wraps, then holding for 5 mins;
3. Use cuticle peeler to make it down slightly;
4. At last, smear nutrient oil around the nails;


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