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  • 💧【 Natural Plant Formula】 The ingredients of the nail polish remover are extracted from natural plants, which is harmless to the human body and has a very light smell.
  • 💧【Suitable for Nail Types】Easily removes nail polish, gel or UV oil, acrylic nails, artificial nails, glitter polish or nail glue, etc. Phototherapy nails, lengthening nails, it is recommended to polish first. It will take longer than ordinary nail polish.
  • 💧【Easy to Use】Optimal use is to polish the nails with a polishing stick, apply the nail remover to the nails, and wait for 3-5 minutes. The surface of the nail polish will automatically burst. Then use a small steel cone to remove the remaining nail polish and wash your hands.
  • 💧【Non-Irritating】This product made from natural ingredients, very light smell, can remove the nail polish easily and don’t need to worry about removing nail gel Polish will damage your nail.
  • 💧【Notes】Before remove the nail polish is recommended to first remove the seal with sand, so that it will burst automatically. If the sealing layer is not removed, it will not be automatically exploded and it will take longer to unload the nail. And it needs to be wiped with a paper towel.

Package Dimensions: 24x89x59

Details: Package: 1x nail polish remover

Easily & Quickly

This product does not contain substances that are harmful to your nails.It is a gel extracted from plants, and its composition is the same as that of removes gel

water.The specific time to fall off the nails depends on the thickness of nail coat and the thickness of the gel remover gel. If there is only one layer of color coat,

It will fall all in 2-10 minutes. but if there is more base coat than the color layer and top coat,it may take 5-15 minutes to fall all.


1.Easy to use and carry, so you can change your nail style anytime, anywhere.

2.Quickly remove nail polish, reduce grinding, not hurt nails.

3.Allow you to remove the nail polish in short time, and create a new nail designs.

How to use

1. Use a sanding strip to remove the sealant on the nail surface.

2. Apply the unloading glue to the polished nail surface.

3. The nail surface will burst after 3-5 minutes.

4. Remove the residual nail polish gently with a small steel pusher.


1. Avoid direct contact with the eye.

2.Please keep out of reach of children

3.Please avoid the skin area when using it, because the effect will be different for different people.

4.UV nail, extension nail is recommended to first remove the seal layer, the time for unloading the nail also needs to be longer, the nail tips needs to be removed by nail polish remover

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