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Brand: DIY Epoxy


  • CRYSTAL CLEAR GLASS EFFECT: DIY Epoxy River Table is specially designed for any deep casting project. This deep pour epoxy resin for epoxy river table will be the perfect resin for your river table project. Its specialized formula is designed to prevent any other unwanted features such as pour degassing and yellowing.
  • LUSTRIOUS DEEP CASTING RESIN: DIY Epoxy Deep Casting will make the best looking river table, bar counter, coffee table, or any other epoxy artwork or epoxy project within 72h under the right condition. Ensuring a warm room temperature 23 °C – 25 °C for best cure & degassing. This Epoxy river table formula will self-level & self degasses, ensuring an epoxy deep pour resin final project with no imperfection for your epoxy artwork, epoxy river table, or any epoxy woodworking.
  • SPECIALIZED UV PROTECTION FORMULA: Our DIY Epoxy Deep Casting river table is designed for our ebonist clients. Ensuring a thick pour river epoxy table made from only one pour with high resistance to any chemical, heat, water & the sun making it the most versatile epoxy river table formula. Suitable for any epoxy resin casting project in the comfort of your home. Compatible with any color pigment, we recommend our DIY Epoxy color pigment for the best result.
  • DO IT YOURSELF SAFE FOR YOUR HOME: Non-toxic when used as directed, like all epoxy formula on the market, we recommend wearing gloves while handling the liquid state epoxy resin directly. Non-Toxic when fully cured, no VOCs, No BPA, No Fumes, Non-Flammable, UV resistant & certified food safe. We specialized in bringing the professional secrets of epoxy craftsmanship.
  • SELF LEVELING & DEGASSING EPOXY RESIN: DIY Epoxy River Table is good for 0.5 inches of thickness up to 2 inches. While ensuring the bottles are at room temperature before mixing, this deep pour epoxy for river table formula will self-degas and self-level. This type of quality is essential for epoxy art, epoxy river table project & epoxy resin woodworking

Package Dimensions: 172x317x6659

UPC: 650327406766


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