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Brand: nails Nation


  • GREAT ADDITION FOR YOUR DIPPING NAILS COLLECTION : Never run out of Base solution again. You can choose to get as many dip powder colors as you wish and be ready to rock your dip nails.

  • SPECIAL FORMULA FOR BOTH HOME USE AND PROFESSIONAL : make your life so much easier when doing your dip nails with easy to use and forgiving consistency, compatible with all dip powder colors.

  • UNIQUE BOTTLE, LID AND BRUSH DESIGN: easy and comfortable to handle bottle and lid design. Keeping the integrity of the solution inside for a long lasting use. The special brush holding perfect amount of liquid and control for every coat application

  • ENHANCE THE COLOR PIGMENT AND LASTING NAILS : formulated to enhance the color payoff for any  dip powder colors as well as giving the finish look the diamond shine that last for over 3 weeks with no scratches guarantee.

  • HEALTHY, CRUELTY FREE, ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: be proud to be responsible for our precious environment while choosing Nails Nation products. We promise a healthy, non toxic, low fume, high performance delivery for each of our product

Package Dimensions: 38x146x272

Details: HOW TO USE:
Step 1: Clean and shape the nails
Step 2: Push back and clean the cuticles
Step 3: Use alcohol wipes to remove any moisture and oil on the nail bed
Step 4: Apply an even coat of dip base solution to the entire nail bed
Step 5: Quickly dip your finger into the dip powder container of your choice with 45 degree angle for 2 second and lift up
Step 6: Use the brush to dust off the access powder on the nails
Step 7: Repeat step 4 to step 6 for 3 times until happy with the color payoff and the thickness of the nails
Step 8: Apply a generous amount of the dip activator solution to the entire nail and allow to air dry for 1 minute
Step 9: Perfect the nail shape by smoothing out the nail surface and edges with nail file and buffer until happy the the look
Step 10: Clean the nails with alcohol wipes. Make sure no access powder or moisture and oil on the nails
Step 11: Repeat step 8
Step 12: Use a dry, non lint wipe to wipe dry the entire nail
Step 13: Apply an even coat of the dip top solution quickly onto the entire nails. Do not over play with it. This coat does not need to be perfect. Allow to air dry for 1 minute
Step 14: Apply another generous coat of the dip top solution on the entire nail to give it the diamond shine finish. Allow to air dry for 3 minutes
Step 15: Enjoy your beautiful, strong, healthy and perfect long lasting nail that last over 3 weeks. GOOD LUCK
♥ Protect yourself by never place the bottle to close to your face, nose and eyes
♥ Give your bottles some love by giving the a quick clean around the open of the bottles as well as the brushes aster every use
♥ Prevent difficulty to open the bottle by not closing it to tight after use
♥ Keep away from children reach.


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