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Brand: Craft Resin


  • 💎 Craft Resin professional-grade clear resin and hardener allows you to create beautiful pieces with a glass-like and bubble-free finish, completely free of imperfections. Our artisan-approved clear casting resin has a self-levelling formula that cures in just 24 hours to a high-gloss finish with no polishing required.
  • 💎 Once cured, our crystal clear epoxy resin is resistant to scratches, water, and heat up to 95 C, with an unparalleled hold of color and transparency. Our UV stabilized formula protects from yellowing due to light exposure and guarantees a lasting ultra-clear look, recommended for professionals and hobbyists looking for high-quality results.
  • 💎 Our all-in-one epoxy resin starter kit has everything you need to begin working with resin art. The amazing clear cast epoxy resin will give you a crystal clear piece that is highly durable, which is why our epoxy resin supplies are popular for jewelry making, tumblers, bar table, tabletop . It comes with everything you need to get your resin crafts on! This pack includes resin (17 Oz.), hardener (17 Oz.) reusable mixing sticks, gloves and a manual.
  • 💎 With a 1:1 mixing ratio, our Epoxy Resin Kit is simple to use, even for beginners and hobbyists. Made with non-toxic materials that are safe and eco-friendly, our resin craft epoxy is completely odorless, non-flammable, and free of VOCs and solvents, for a comfortable working experience that is harmless to you and the environment.
  • 💎 At Craft Resin, we are committed to customer service and satisfaction. We provide premium resin art materials that guarantee pleasing, and long-lasting results. We stand by our products. If you are not fully satisfied with our Epoxy Resin Kit, feel free to contact us! We are standing by to assist you with any issues. Craft with confidence with Craft Resin.

Package Dimensions: 87x305x1320


Multi Purpose Kit

  • Moulding, Casting, Potting, Encasing.
  • Laminating, Adhesion, Wood
  • Marine, Boat, Yacht, Bicycle, Motorbike
  • Art, Paintings/Crafts, Jewellery, Stone coat
  • Home Decorations
  • Floors (garages, indoor, garden paths, penny floors)
  • Tables (kitchen tops, garden tables, countertop, bars, wooden table)


  • How much will I need for a surface area?

A general rule is that 1kg of epoxy = 1m2 = 1mm thick layer. 

  • Epoxy Resin and Colour Pigments

To achieve full colouration (i.e. a solid colour throughout), you would need 4% in pigments of the weight of the epoxy resin used. So if you are using 1kg of resin, you would need 40g of pigments.

  • The Curing Time

Epoxy resin undergoes a curing process, which is a chemical manifestation. It is not a drying time. The curing process of epoxy resin is directly related to the surrounding atmosphere temperature. Note: We do not recommend carrying a project with epoxy resin in cold temperatures.

Curing time estimates:

At 20C = 12-24 hours

At 25C = 9-12 hours

Getting the Right Results

Here, we briefly highlight some of the commonest errors that can lead to non-curing of the resin and/or not getting a clear finish:

  • High Humidity: In damp and humid conditions, moisture can seep into the resin while it is curing, which can lead to the cured resin looking cloudy or blotchy or having fractures. Keep the area dry and warm (turn the heating or a heating fan on), prior to starting the project and keep it on for the first few hours.
  • Incorrect 1:1 Mixing Ratio: If the mixing ratio is inaccurate, the resin will not cure. Weigh with digital scales.


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