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  • 115 PCS CAKE DECORATING TOOLS: 3 different size cake baking pans, 6 big cake decorating tips, 1 extra-big cake frosting nozzle, 30 disposable piping bags, 1 big coupler, icing spatula, 1 cake server, 1 cake leveler, 3 cake icing smoother tools and much more baking tools and baking supplies
  • 6 PCS CAKE DECORATING TIPS: 6 large piping tips for more convenient use, includes open stars, close stars round cake and leaf nozzles. 1 extra-large piping tip Ideally for fast coating your entire cake with icing. Comes with a printed decorating guide with nozzles pattern chart – helps to choose nozzles style easy
  • 3 PCS BAKING PANS: 4″ 7″ and 9″ BAKING PANS non-stick pans with removable bottom. Easy to use and easy to clean
  • CAKE CUTTING TOOLS: CAKE SERVER to cut and serve cakes. CAKE KNIFE for more tiny and careful cuts. CAKE ICING SMOOTHER TOOLS: stainless steel angled and strait ICING SPATULAS – ideally for making layered cakes and spreading icing on cakes. 3 CAKE COMBS – great for creating perfect designs or smooth surfaces on the side or top of the cakes. CAKE LEVELER with stainless steel cutting wire – slice cake layers easily
  • BAKING TOOLS AND BAKING SUPPLIES: 50 pcs baking parchment, silicone spatula, silicone brush, flour sifter, measure spoons and cups, egg beater and egg separator – ALL YOU NEED BAKING TOOLS for everyday!

Package Dimensions: 90x278x1540

Details: You will get:

3 Cake pans
50 Baking Parchment
1 Demolding knife
6 Big cake nozzles
1 Big coupler
1 Extra-big Cake Nozzle
30 Disposable piping bags
5 Measuring spoons
6 Measuring cups
1 Flour Sifter
1 Egg white separator
1 Eggbeater
1 Silicone spatula
1 Silicone brush
1 Icing spatula
1 Cake Server
3 Cake Scrapers
1 Cake Leveler
1 Cake Knife


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