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Brand: Beainfir

Color: Pink


  • 【Nail Polish Gel Remover Tools Set】12 pcs Nail polish remover clips, 1 pcs nail polish remover pump dispenser, 100 pcs nail polish remover pads, 1 pcs nail file, 1 pcs nail buffer block, 1 pcs nail brush. 1 pcs triangle cuticle pusher, 1 pcs double-ended cuticle pusher, 1 pcs cuticle trimmer.
  • 【Nail Clips】Nail clips can tightly fit your finger but will not feel excessive pressure, not easy to fall out. Combined with nail cotton pads are so comfortable to wear and do not hurt the nail bed.
  • 【Cuticle Pusher】Triangle cuticle pusher can get rid of dead cuticle and help remove soak off nail gel even in your most vulnerable nail edge but do not hurt your nail surface. Double end cuticle pusher can be use to push cuticle, clean nail cuticle or dirt, remove leftover skin residue on the nail.
  • 【Cuticle Trimmer】Nail clipper is made of stainless steel, strong and durable and long-term used, can trim the cuticle and dead skin around the nail.
  • 【Easily Use】Just only 5 steps, Grind, Wrap, Clip, Scratch, Polish, Moisturize. The tools you need for each steps are included, remove gel nail polish easily without going to salon.

Package Dimensions: 42x254x181

Details: How to use

Step 1: Polish the nail surface with nail file;

Step 2: Then remove dust with nail brushes;

Step 3: Pour the nail polish remover into the dispenser bottle, press down on the bottle pump and leave cotton pads damp;

Step 4: Put pads into the clips, then clamp them on your fingers and please wait at least 10-15 minutes before removing;

Step 5: remove the nail gel with a cuticle peeler;

Step 6: use the cuticle pusher and trimmer to remove the extra cuticle and debris from the underside of the nail tip;

Step 7: use the buffing file to buff uneven nails to make your nails smooth and shiny.

Product features

Nail Files and Polishing File

Material: EVA

Instructions: Use the nail file to grind the nail polish gel, Use the buffing file to polish uneven nails

Cuticle Pusher

Material: Stainless Steel

Instructions: Triangle design cuticle scraper pusher remover, can easily and quickly to remove your gel nail polish; 2-in-1 Cuticle Pusher for clean the nail cuticles around the nails, round tip for cleaning nail root and the bevel tip for cleaning cuticles near nail side

Nail Brushes

Material: durable plastic

Instructions: To remove dust after polishing the nail

Cuticle Trimmer

Material: Stainless Steel

Instructions: trim the cuticle and dead skin around the nail.

Ideal for nail art learner and professional to use acrylic, UV, gel, nail polish removal, suitable for nail salons and DIY nail art at home. Perfect gift for friends who love nail art and manicures.


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