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  • 💛【Quality Kolinsky Acrylic Brush Bristle】The acrylic brush size 10, is made of high-quality Kolinsky hair, more flexible and softer with a better power absorption and good ductility and better coloring compared with ordinary nylon nail brushes. It’s for acrylic nail extension or carving, lightweight and comfortable, easy holding to draw, smooth application, convenient for you to create 3D patterns, grids or flowers, making your nails more beautiful and charming!
  • 💛【Unique Acrylic Print Nail Brush】The smooth handle is full of black and white stripes, and the visual effect is very smooth and interesting. The nail brush used for acrylic makes your nail art more pleasant!
  • 💛【Right Way To Clean Acrylic Nail Brush】After each using this acrylic nail brush on single nails during the acrylic application, make sure to clean the brush with the acrylic liquid monomer to prevent the acrylic powder on the brush from clumping, or it will be hard to clean because acrylic powder quickly clumps in a short time.
  • 💜 MUST-DO WAYS OF STORAGE:【WASHING】-Always clean a good quality brush thoroughly after each processing session with brush cleaner/liquid monomer DO NOT USE ACETONE which will remove the shine from bristle make acrylic tacky and buildup residue. 【SHAPE】-Remove as much moisture as possible with paper towel ,reshape and whenever possible, in the upright position. 【AIR & SUNLIGHT】-Always Keep brushes out of direct sunlight & aired . Natural hair needs to breathe in order to prevent mould growth.
  • 💛【Warm Tips】Wash it with nail brush saver solution containing non-acetone, always keep aired and out of direct sunlight. Dry it as possible with a paper towel and give a shape before storing it. With correct care, your favorite brushes will have a longer life. Moulting or shedding hairs from a new brush is a normal process. Once the brush is broken in and following a few application sessions the moulting will stop.

Package Dimensions: 8x208x23

Details: Product Details :
▲Condition: 100% Brand New
▲Weight: 38.5g
▲Material:Kolinsky Hair + Acrylic Handle
▲Package:1 Pc / Pvc tube

Nail Art Brushes’ Maintenance General Knowledge
▲ The painting brushes can be cleaned with water immediately after painting with water-based pigment, but if it is long time hardening water-based pigment or oil color, then you must use brush cleaner to make it clean.
▲ Washing the brushes with special makeup cleaner, then sucking water by dry towel.
▲ Shaping the brushes hair into an ideal form, put it flat on the shade and air drying.
▲Don’t dry it with blow dryer, avoid pulling and cutting brushes hair.
▲ It wouldn’t affect brushes usage if there is Slight depilation phenome.

Professional Nail Tools
▲ The ANGNYA nail art brush is made of high quality material, durable enough for your daily using.
▲ We can also make other sizes, if you want more other sizes, please contact with us.
▲This Nail Art pen is a NEW and revolutionary nail design tool that allows a quick, easy and affordable way to create artistic designs on your nails.
▲Please Note: Wash it carefully after use, keep it clean and safe for reuse!

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