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  • ❤Acrylic Nail Kit for Starter: Full kit with 3 basic acrylic powder Clear/White/Pink and liquid monomer 36pcs art powder can make all DIY nail art, full nail accessories can help make all nail shape.
  • ❤Shinny Nail Decorations Kit: 37pcs nail art decoration give you a wonderful nail art experience, can DIY all kinds of nail art style, shinny and colorful design charming nail.
  • ❤Starter Acrylic Kit: Can do acrylic nail home without other accessories! One kit and finish all you need! High quality and easy using!
  • ❤Profession Nail Tools Kit: Complete nail art tools set, including high quality acrylic brush smooth application, No crease nail tips and no bubble nail glue help make nail art faster and better, easy to prepare your nail before manicure.
  • ❤After-sale Service : If any problem,just feel free to contact us via Amazon Customer Center. We will provide a quickly respond and help you solve all the item problem in a high speed and satisfied way.

Package Dimensions: 76x190x635

Details: 73 pcs total in one kit gift box. Package Including: 1*Liquid monomer(75ml); 3*Acrylic powder(pink/clear/white)(15g*3); 2*Acrylic nail brush; 20pcs nail form; 1*liquid holder; 1*nail brush; 1*Nail tips cutter; 1*Multi-function Nail file; 1*Rhinestone picker; 1*Nail file; 2*Nail rhinestone; 12*Glitter decoration; 12*Color acrylic powder; 12*Big glitter decoration; 1*Nail tips no crease 100pcs; 1*Big glue;
!Please nail testing before using for 12hours !If have untoward effect, please stop. Consult doctor and contact us. !Keep away from kid.
Why choose our professional acrylic nail kit powder set ? All kinds of nail tools for you to choose! High Quality Liquid Monomer -Long lasting and color stabilizing well. -FLEXIBILITY & NON-YELLOWING Free Travel Storage Bag -Easy carrying can bring during travel. Smooth Acrylic Powder for nail extension -Professional looking for nail art creamy stable color, no yellowing no color changing. -Smooth acrylic powder work better. Professional Acrylic Nail Powder Kit -Full kit with all accessories needed for starter. -Can do all kinds of nail art you want-smooth ombre designs, crisp smiles lines, 3D nail art, French nail, extension nail and so on

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