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Brand: LUCCE


  • Package content:The set include 4 templates,1 stamper ,1 scrapers.
  • Easy to Use:Each Halloween nail art stamping is equipped with a pad, which can effectively prevent from harming your hands. In addition, each plate has a blue protective film, which can avoid scratch
  • Design Style:Halloween Nail Stamp Plates there are many different patterns as Pumpkin,Bat,Spider,Owl ,skull,Blood hand,They can offer you multiple choices, creating strong atmosphere of Halloween for you
  • High Quality:The plate made of 304 stainless steal,Durable and Sturdy.You can get image easily.
  • Fit for all:Our nail stamping plates in the appropriate size are perfect for beginners and professional nail artists at home or in salon to design your own Halloween styles

Package Dimensions: 40x129x100

Details: Material: Stainless Steel
Quantity:4 Plate 1 Stamper 1 Scraper

1. Remove the blue protective film of each plate and apply base coat to the nail.
2. Apply the special nail polish with the color you like to the nail template.
3. Use the scraper to remove the redundant nail polish and make relative patterns by gently pressing the stamper.
4. Imprint the patterns you made before on the nail and wait your nail to dry.
5. Apply top coat to your nail to make it more lustrous.

DIY nail decoration:
Good DIY items for nail art lovers, you can choose the style as you like and match with different nail polish colors, creating a different and beautiful nail decoration for yourself

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