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Brand: Jinshanhudao


  • ❀All-match white flower tray: 6 kinds of high-quality white flowers to experience 6 different sweet styles, 600 AB white glitter beads, which can be matched with any nail decoration at will. The simple and noble white series show your views on nail art.
  • ❀Wide range of uses: the holiday is approaching, you can use Halloween and Christmas parties to become a small highlight of party nail art. It can also be used for weddings, sister parties, daily masquerades, computers, mobile phones, daily necessities, etc.
  • ❀High-quality materials: We use high-quality materials, acrylic and acrylic materials, which are easy to disassemble and do not hurt your nails. The flat back is decorated with nail art, and the adhesion is stable. Very easy to use, our 12 compartment storage box can be recycled.
  • ❀Exquisite gifts: daily selection of mixed gifts for good friends, friends, children, exquisite daily essential nail accessories, and enjoy the happy experience of DIY nail art together.
  • ❀Reminder: These rhinestones are not self-adhesive or heat-fixed crystals. You need to use glue to stick them. If you have any questions, please email us, and we will reply you sincerely!

Package Dimensions: 10x132x32

Details: Specification
Color: as shown

Size: as shown

Quantity: 30pcs x white flowers, 600pcs x white pearls

Packing: a sealed bag, an acrylic storage box

Material: Acrylic

how to use:
The first step, manicure/preparation tools
The color of nail polish and the color of decoration can be customized.

The second step is to apply primer
Apply a thin layer of primer, but don’t forget to wrap around~

The third step is to apply the first coat of nail polish
Apply a thin layer of the first coat of nail polish. After the application, bake the lamp for 2 minutes.

The fourth step is to apply the second coat of nail polish
After the second coat of nail polish is applied, do not bake the lamp, and proceed to the next step.

The fifth step, brush the sequins
Dip a small amount of sequins with a phototherapy brush and spread them on the nail surface. Because the nail surface is still in a wet state, be careful not to put the nail polish on the sequins. You can use a toothpick to spread it out little by little. For a gradual effect, bake the lamp for 2 minutes after painting.

The sixth step is to apply the sealing layer
The sealing layer can be applied a little thicker, because some decorations are not smooth, so you can also apply twice, after the application, bake the lamp for 3 minutes.

Tip: Due to manual weighing, there may be slight errors in the quantity.


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